The necessity of plot

I have a tentative title now for my new book, Empty Luck. My main characters are four guys on vacation in Las Vegas. If the plot unfolds as I expect it to, this group will learn something about themselves and the nature of luck.

It’s one thing to have identified the principal characters and the setting, but what exactly happens? I need a plot. For that, some people have to make bad choices, believable but ultimately bad decisions, or there is no story. Here’s what I have so far:  26 yo Ricky Sullivan falls for a stripper and his older brother steals money from a dangerous guy, Those are two clearly bad decisions and of course there will be consequences, but I haven’t discovered what they are yet.

Sometimes I just have to let the characters tell me the story.

On a related note, I have finished building a website, something I understand all serious authors have to have.  You can click on Empty Luck and learn more about the upcoming book, including a draft of the first three chapters.

Take a look:

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