Twists and turns, unexpected surprises…

Most of this story takes place in a mental hospital, a mysterious enough place to most people, but here made all the more mysterious by two crimes.

The purpose of this website is to share the story with you. I start with the first chapter, in which a beautiful young girl is abducted from her home. Her sister watches in horror, powerless to stop it, Terrified and unwilling to report the kidnapper, she tries to live with her secret only to encounter the same man years later when she is admitted to the hospital where he works.

Writing a mystery is a lot like juggling chess pieces. You move characters and scenes around, positioning them so they advance the story and keep the reader engaged. Some scenes have more power than others. Some are pawns that play minor roles and others are royalty but all have to be placed carefully. I hope you get caught up in the characters in this story. Please feel free to comment or ask questions as we go along.

Paul Backalenick