Twists and turns, unexpected surprises…

I want to take you on the journey of building a believable and compelling mystery story. In the case of Carrie’s Secret, most of the story¬†takes place in a mental hospital, a mysterious enough place to most people, but here made all the more mysterious by two crimes.

The setting is critical to the story for many reasons, but for now, I just want to highlight the importance of setting. The setting was what prompted me to write the book. I think if an author can place a story in a setting not overly familiar to most readers, it becomes an interesting element as they are reading, so I like to choose settings I either know personally or can research in depth. The goal is to provide something readers can enjoy learning about as they go through the story, whatever it might be.

So in this website and blog, I will share decisions like choosing the setting with you, I hope reading here will be an entertaining and perhaps, enlightening, experience for you.

All my best,
Paul Backalenick